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Deep Tushy - Anal Wanking

Teenage girls turned on by deep anal masturbation

Teenage girls from all walks of life and world-wide are experimenting with anal masturbation. Slowly, inch by inch their probing finger will make its way up the warm pulsing passage. Once they have passed through the initial pain barrier that causes them to scream out with the pain; their previously screwed up faces, suddenly change to a beaming smile, because they realise that the pleasure they get from it far outweighs the pain they first had; it is then that they can't get enough of it - the agony and the ecstasy. Join our Free Newsletter

   75% · Almost In Trouble
   81% · Fashion Model Anal
   81% · Start With Anal Play
   73% · Her Absolute Limits
   77% · Stacey - Straight to Anal Play
   80% · Yoga, Then Anal
   79% · Melody - All in the Butt II
   81% · Melody - All in the Butt
   73% · Anal Big & Deep - Part 1
   70% · Anal Big & Deep - Part 2
   73% · Oh That Figure
   83% · Demi - Stuffing Herself
   79% · Katy - Anal Done Beautiful
   77% · Classy & Kinky
   59% · Kourtni - Sexy, Fun & Kinky
   64% · Kourtni - Turning Extreme I

About Anal Masturbation

Although possibly initially they were introduced into deep tushy masturbation by a boyfriend, it is when they are on their own, maybe feeling lonely and turned on, they would start experimenting, then comes the realisation that this is something they can do whenever the fancy takes them.

And meanwhile their poor boyfriends would now find themselves left out in the cold. However, more often than not it could be her boyfriend that might suggest she goes public with it and at the same time make some money. So she might find herself shyly undressing and demonstrating how she does deep tushy masturbation. At first she may find it embarrassing, doing it in front of strangers. But as she proceeds through the motions and feels herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm, she forgets the strangers and the cameras. Now it is just her and her body and the pleasure she is getting from it. And the camera records every facial expression - from the tear stained screwed up face to the wide beaming smile that lights up the room. And the whole thing is even sweeter as week by week she sees her bank balance going up and up. This could be that she is sitting on the proverbial gold mine.


   66% · Roxy The Deepest Anal
   61% · Katelynn fingers her sweet tasty ass
   67% · Marley Her Kinky Ways
   62% · Cali Looks Like Angelina
   58% · FTV Girls Violet-II Spread And Gape
   55% · Exploring Maricella
   55% · Lana Fetish In Glass
   54% · The Real Big Toys
   64% · Tracy The Dressy Side
   69% · Bailey Ideal Nude Form
   60% · Sasha Penetrate Me
   63% · Brianna Penetrate Both
   55% · Chloe and all the toys
   56% · Fiona Intimate Views
   52% · Kourtni - Turning Extreme II
   53% · Gianna Anal Penetration
   60% · Molly Tease And Spread
   64% · Carlie Stretching For Yoga
   64% · Stacey So Kinky
   53% · Avri My Fingers In Me
   61% · FTV Girls Violet-II Dressed For Butt Play
   56% · Shannon Nude Hula Action
   55% · Stacy Penetrate Kinky
   54% · Major Penetration II
   55% · Gina Yellow On Pink
   62% · Mila Pink Penetration
   62% · Mackenzie - Penetration Theme
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   56% · Penetration Time
   51% · Valantina All About The Ass
   52% · FTV Girls Amy-II Fisting In White - FTVGirls.com



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